AD chemical stands for Safety and Caring, we have a tendency to ar providing high customary chemicals for all quite cleanup purpose



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AD Chemical means Safety & Caring, we have the tendency to provide highly customary chemicals for thorough cleaning purpose. With over twelve years of expertise, we have a tendency to redefine the standards of cleanliness in India. Investing time and energy in understanding the Indian market and for regularly used goods. This helps Eddie Chemical to innovate a lot of merchandise that makes your life faster, safer and higher in your lifestyle with less down time. Every user of Eddie Chemicals will feel within the undeniable fact that our goods and production have a lower impact on the environment. The chemicals were made in the factory with activated NanoPass technology. The most powerful formula on the market. Our product covers the entire spectrum of cleaning needs. We offer pre-spoken items for homes (kitchens, washrooms, surfaces, furniture, and floors), hospitals, industries, hotels, and every single alternative enterprise. 100% quality, eco-friendly, stain removed.

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